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WinPig is the most advanced herd recording and management software currently available in the UK.


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We have a full range of support videos that you can find in our support section. You can also see a brief introduction to WinPig in the video below.

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The UK's Leading Software Provider for the Pig Industry

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AgroSoft pig software services enable pig businesses across the pig industry to Record and Manage every element of herd performance.

As part of your business, WinPig provides concise information in actionable formats. This allows every level of your business to take decisions based on accurate current data. Improved detailing will allow you to tightly manage the key elements of your business.

Additionally it delivers crucial data to manage external inputs.

AgroSoft WinPig is the most advanced herd recording and management software available in the UK

Using the latest available Windows Technology the Company has developed software programs that enable Pig Businesses to record and manage every element of Herd Performance.

AgroSoft combines three key elements to deliver software and service to British pig farmers.

  • Capability – Windows Technology Application 
  • Software Designed for Pig Producers Support
  • Delivered by Industry Professionals 

WinPig is the dynamic solution developed by AgroSoft. The program manages essential physical and financial performance data and reports it in an highly accessible format.

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