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PigVision is the most advanced herd recording and management software currently available in the UK.

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Support Videos

We have a full range of support videos that you can find in our support section. You can also see a brief introduction to PigVision in the video below.

PigVision Introduction

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We would like to inform you about the measures we are taking in connection with the Coronavirus.

We focus on two important factors:

  1. Safety of our customers and employees
  2. Continuity of our services.

The health and safety of our customers and employees is the most important thing. And of course, in these uncertain times, we strive to offer you the same level of service as you are used to from us.

We have postponed all customer visits for the foreseeable future and these will be replaced by online meetings using the likes of Microsoft Teams or Skype.

We will follow the guidance of the government in these matters.

We are happy to arrange online training sessions via the likes of Teamviewer if this is of interest.

The Pig and Poultry Fair in May 2020 has now been postponed until next year. We have several new offerings we wanted to launch at the fair in May and this will now be done via online means using presentations that can be joined live or downloaded for watching back when suitable. More details on this will follow in the coming weeks.

AgroVision (Deventer, the Netherlands, part of the CoMore-group) has recently acquired the shares of Danish company AgroSoft A/S. This acquisition results in a European market leader in agricultural pig farming software.

Director Morten Rasmussen of AgroSoft explains: “This acquisition of AgroSoft stems from business considerations for the long term, the international agricultural sector is on the move. I believe that with this extensive cooperation with AgroVision, AgroSoft can guarantee  a strong position and stability for staff and customers. ” Director Karel Heijink of AgroVision adds: “In AgroSoft we have found a good match. The first contacts went very smoothly from the start. For both companies it is also a good strategic move. Will combine our knowledge of software solutions into a strong state of the art platform. With better possibilities and services for all our clients. With 10.000 pig farmers as clients, in over ten countries, we are the European market leader and will become global market leader in pig farming software. “

AgroVision and AgroSoft join forces, partly overlapping and partly complementary. This acquisition creates a powerful player with over 25,000 users, 130 FTE employees and annual sales of around 14 million Euro. The acquisition came into effect on September 1, and applies retrospectively as from July 1, 2015.