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PigVision is the most advanced herd recording and management software currently available in the UK.

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Support Videos
We have a full range of support videos that you can find in our support section. You can also see a brief introduction to PigVision in the video below.

PigVision Introduction

    Once the video is loaded click on the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner.

AgroSoft Ltd produce quarterly benchmarking reports for our customers. These are split into indoor and outdoor samples so customers can rank and compare themselves to others in a similar production system.

All data is displayed anonymously and customers who prefer not to share their data will be omitted from the sample.

The current key performance indicators that we benchmark are:

  • Born alive per litter
  • Weaned per litter
  • Farrowing Rate
  • Weaned per sow per year
  • Pre-Weaning Mortality %
  • Wasted days per litter
  • Litters per sow per year

On the report, these are all ranked independently so users can see how they are performing in each KPI category.

AgroSoft customers who access PigVision via our server can view and print the full reports by going into the Benchmarking folder on the server desktop.

To view the Indoor benchmarking figures click here

To view the Outdoor benchmarking figures click here