PigVision Mobile Sows – Manage your herd with the latest data at your fingertips

PigVision Mobile Sows is the new mobile software from AgroSoft used to register daily events on your sow unit.

The software synchronises data with your PigVision recording package flawlessly both online and offline.

Working with PigVision mobile sows saves time and provides reliable information to help make daily decisions.

Click the video below to view a three minute introduction to what PigVision mobile sows can do for you. Turn sound on your device on to hear narration.

The Advantages of PigVision Mobile Sows:

  • Live, real-time data on location
  • Paperless
  • Quick, simple, reliable and secure
  • Up-to-date information for management decisions
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Download from the relevant app store with automatic updates

Below are some screenshots from PigVision Mobile Sows:

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